Student Tour Group Security


Overnight Safety

Youths must stay in their hotel rooms at night during an overnight field trip. To ensure this, it’s important to post a security guard on each floor that your group occupies.


Potential Risks

A national survey showed that liability for field trips is a major topic of concern for elementary and secondary school principals. In a given trip, there are lots of potential risks that can open you up to lawsuits. 

Professional day

Security Guards

To enhance security and potential threat from outsiders, you might want to hire security guards during the day. This is especially important if you’re planning a trip overseas.

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We have provided services for some amazing schools on many trips.

"Great company that gets the job done correctly and precisely! Officers are amazing to work with and are kind to students.

Mary Ellen Thompson
teacher chaperone

"I would highly recommend then.they are very professional, polite, and do a great job ...

Patricia Anne
guidence counselor

"Hands down best security company and security team in Boston. Security Guards are professional proactive and provide outstanding security guard services.

Mark Murphy
boston hotel owner
Student Tour Group Security Infographic